Snake Sheds

The symbolism and power of the serpent pervades many cultures and magical practices the world over. It may be honored as a symbol of spiritual rebirth, or as the embodiment of infernal gnosis. Snake Sheds are often used in spells and charms of healing, rebirth, and those designed around dream work. For this purpose they might be added to a charm along with appropriate herbs, to an oil, or to a dream pillow.

Within Hoodoo and Rootwork the serpent generally plays a more sinister role and Snake Sheds are used in spells of crossing and to work against an enemy. In such spells they might be powdered and added to goofer dust, wrapped around dolls representing the target, secreted away on their property, or deployed in more creative manners.

Snake sheds may also be utilized for their totemic and fetishistic nature in calling upon the spirit of the serpent, or in connecting to spirits and deities associated with serpentine power.

You will receive one package of ethically collected snake sheds with your purchase.