Suffumigant of Spirit’s Feast

Ars Magica brand incenses are hand blended from the finest natural botanicals and resins, blessed and empowered for ritual use, and are intended to be burned in the ancient manner upon charcoal.

Suffumigant of Spirit’s Feast is a blend of rare herbs and resins such as copal and cedar, which have long been used by a variety of cultures as ghost corn, or spirit food. It is formulated to draw spirits to the place of working and to act as an offering of sustenance and of power in order to assist the manifestation of those called forth. Though our incense has a variety of applications, it makes a particularly excellent addition to rituals of necromancy, ancestral reverence, and those designed to call upon and evoke the spirits of the land.

With your purchase you will receive one 1 oz corked glass vial of our natural incense.