The Cunning Cross

Within our practice the spirit of Coyote is honored as one of the animal emissaries of The Lord of Trickery, Travel, and Transformation.

This simple, yet powerful piece stands as a cruciform fetish of The Cunning One and calls upon the aid of both spirit and beast to assist in the work of the wise.

Crafted from the consecrated and hallowed bones of coyote, and ritually joined with a sanguine thread, this fetish is employed in works of Cunning, Communication, Transformation, and Trickery. It may also be carried or worn for safety whilst traveling, whether in this world, or beyond the hedge.

Along with your purchase, you will receive a small amount of incense, and instructions for vivifying the fetish and methods of employing its assistance in your ritual and magical workings.

If you desire to have this made into a wearable pendant please let us know and we will prepare it as such.

***This listing includes the crossbones fetish, incense, and instructions. All other items pictured are for display purposes.***