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Spiritus Arcanum

The Witch's Trance Workshop with Mat Auryn & Storm Faerywolf

The Witch's Trance Workshop with Mat Auryn & Storm Faerywolf

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This will be an in-person workshop and is limited to 30 participants.
The workshop will take place Monday Sept. 18th at 7pm with a public meet & greet book signing with Mat Auryn and Storm Faerywolf beginning at 6 p.m.

About the event:
Unlock the deeper dimensions of your magical practice with "The Witch’s Trance," an intensive workshop co-facilitated by occult luminaries Mat Auryn and Storm Faerywolf. Brought to you in partnership with Spiritus Arcanum and Zuzu’s Healing Arts, this event is set to be a beacon for seekers of profound esoteric knowledge on the ecstatic.

Delve into the Depths

Trance & The Witch’s Journey: Unravel the age-old practice of trance in witchcraft. Explore its history, significance, and application in modern magical workings.

Meditative Rituals: Mat and Storm guide participants through powerful meditative techniques, helping you to achieve trance states conducive to divination, spellwork, and spirit communication.

Protection & Grounding: Learn essential practices to protect yourself while working in trance states and how to effectively ground afterwards, ensuring safety and clarity.

Integrative Exercises: Engage in hands-on practices designed to cultivate and strengthen your abilities to enter and maintain trance states with intention and control.

Given the specialized nature of this workshop, spaces are very limited.
This not only guarantees a personal and in-depth experience but also ensures that every participant gets individualized guidance.

With the combined allure of both Mat Auryn and Storm Faerywolf's expertise and the serene ambiance of Zuzu's Healing Arts, tickets will not last long. Secure your place in this transformative workshop and deepen your journey into "The Witch’s Trance."

About the Presenters:

Mat Auryn is an accomplished and award-winning author known for his best-selling books, which have been translated into over thirteen languages. As a retired professional psychic and Bay Area-based witch and occult teacher, with experience as an initiate of multiple witchcraft traditions and esoteric orders, Mat's teachings draw on a wealth of knowledge and disciplines. He has been featured in various magazines, radio shows, podcasts, books, anthologies, and other periodicals. He is the author of Psychic Witch, Mastering Magick, and co-author of the forthcoming Pisces Witch with Ivo Dominguez Jr. Learn more about him at or @MatAuryn on instagram.

Storm Faerywolf is a professional author, experienced teacher, visionary poet, and practicing warlock. He was trained in various streams of witchcraft, most notably the Faery tradition, where he holds the Black Wand of a Master. He is chancellor of Modern Witch University, a co-founder of Black Rose, an online course in modern folkloric witchcraft, a columnist for The Wild Hunt and is the host of the Witch Power Daily podcast. He has written several books, including The Stars Within the Earth, Betwixt & Between, The Witches’ Name, and The Satyr’s Kiss.

How to attend the event:

Attendees should pick up their tickets for the event inside the Spiritus Arcanum shop located at:

Mills 58 - 58 Pulaski St.
On the 3rd floor of Building C
Peabody, MA. 01960

-Tickets will be available for pickup in store from Thurs. Sept. 14th through Mon. Sept 18th.

-We encourage you to join us beginning at 6pm for the meet & greet event prior to the workshop to pick up your tickets, meet Mat & Storm, and enjoy 15% off your in-store purchases. 

-The workshop will begin at 7pm down the hall from Spiritus Arcanum at Zuzu's Healing Arts and is expected to last roughly 2hrs. 

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