Uncrossing Oil

Salem Conjure Co. Uncrossing Oil is used for removing hexes and crossed conditions. It assists in providing clearance from malignant and harmful energy and entities as well as the effects of the Evil Eye.

Uncrossing oil may be worn on the body, added to spiritual baths or the mop bucket for cleansing the home. It may also be used for dressing magical seals, mojo bags, and white or blue candles. Uncrossing oil may also be used to dress the home by marking a small equal armed cross over each doorway in the home as well as on each window sill.

For a quick work of uncrossing you’ll need three white cross candles. Beginning on a Friday, ideally around sunset, cleanse yourself with a splash of Florida Water, and wipe down the candles and a nail or other sharp objects with it as well. You will then use the nail to carve your full name and birth date into the candle on one side and “deliverance from all harm” on the other. Dress the candle with Uncrossing Oil and place it on a white plate. You may then wish to take a photo of yourself looking happy and healthy and dress the four corners and center with the oil. Place this underneath the plate. Call upon your ancestors and guardian spirits to attend you in this work and then light the candle, Then, with focused intent, pray from the heart to have all harmful influences and people neutralized. A good course of prayer begins with praying Psalms 91 three times, Psalm 17 seven times, and Psalm 37 three times. Do this with a new candle for the two following nights and when done take the plate and any remaining wax to a crossroads, smash the plate in the center of the crossroads and dispose of any wax there as well. Be sure to leave an offering for the spirits of the crossroads as well, as you are essentially asking that they take off any crossed conditions. Whisky, candies, or tobacco are all appropriate.