Voices of Folk Magic Series

Voices of Folk Magic is a year long series of classes highlighting the practices, perspectives, experiences, insights, and wisdom of folk magical practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. This classes are available and open to all and also serve as a complimentary extension series for our Foundations of Folk Magic course.

Through this series we hope to elevate the voices of modern practitioners for whom folk magic is a vocation, explore the diversity of various folk traditions, and examine the ways in which folk magical practices exist and adapt to maintain relevance and effectiveness for the contemporary practitioner.

Each of these classes is available for individual purchase/registration, or as a series at a discounted rate. All classes will be livestreamed via Zoom at 7pm Eastern time on their respective dates and will all be recorded and made available for later viewing. If you missed a class, no worries, you can still purchase the class or entire series of classes after the livestream and gain access to the class recordings.

Our lineup is as follows:
April 17th Introduction to Ozark Folk Magic – with Brandon Weston

May 22nd Killing the Moon: Lore and Methods for Learning Folk Witchery – with Cory Thomas Hutcheson

June 19th Rootwork and Rituals for Resistance: Magic for Social Justice – with Doc Beverley Smith

July 17th Crafts of the Cunning: An Introduction to Early Modern British Cunning-Craft – with Dr. Alexander Cummins

August 21st Of Slate & Bone: An Exploration of Welsh Cunning Ways and Folk Magic – with Mhara Starling

September 18th Scottish Folk Magic and Gaelic Cultural Traditions – with Ash William Mills

October 23rd Xematiasma and beyond: a Greek-American Folk Magic Perspective – with Nick Dickenson

November 20th Rosaries, Toads, and the Miraculous: Magia, Brujeria, y Curanderismo – with Jesse Hathaway Diaz

December 18th L’Dor VaDor – Generations of Jewish Folk Magic – with Cooper Kaminsky

January 15th Introduction to Trolldom: From Prehistory to Modern Practice – with Minta Karlsson

February 19th Key in the Heavens; Lock in the Seas: An Introduction to Balkan East Orthodox Folk Magic – with Katarina Pejovic

March 19th My Sisters Climb the Devil’s Tree: Vlach Faery Seership and Kalderash Witchcraft – with Sasha Ravitch

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