Ritual Smoke: Vox Magica

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Our ritual smoking blends are intended for contemplative and intentional ceremonial use. They are not designed as an alternative to tobacco or cannabis and they contain neither. We encourage those utilizing them to focus upon approaching them as allies which empower the breath and prepare the tongue for invocation, prayer, and conjuration as opposed to entheogens. It is in this spirit that they have been crafted and brought to life and will be most effective.

They may be smoked in a ritual pipe, rolled in papers, or burned upon charcoal as a suffumigant.

Vox Magica is a blend of organic mullien, mugwort, lavender, rose, hyssop, and St. John’s wort. It is designed for works of consecration, spiritual cleansing, and prayer. The smoke may be taken into the mouth in measured quantity before speaking words of conjuration, dedication, and adoration before the spirits and ancestors. Or it may be blown upon talismans, amulets, candles, and ritual tools to consecrate them whilst uttering appropriate prayers. The smoke may also be blown upon objects and in locals with the aim of spiritual cleansing and purification.

NOTICE: This herbal smoking blend contains no tobacco, cannabis, or synthetic ingredients and is intended for use only by individuals 18 years or older. By purchasing this blend, you are agreeing to the following:

-That you are of legal age in your state, county, province or territory to purchase herbal smoking products.
-You agree to use our product for its intended purpose only.
-That any herbs listed in this blend are legal to sell and/or purchase in your local city and state.
-You agree to use our products for their intended purposes only.
-You waive without exception your right to hold Spiritus Arcanum liable in any way for the misuse of our products.

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