Bellarmine Jug/Witch Bottle

We are pleased to be offering a very limited number of traditionally styled witch bottles. These types of vessels are commonly known as Bellarmine or Bartmann jugs.

True Bellarmine/Bartmann jugs were popular during the 16th-17th centuries and are some of the most common vessels found in historical examples of witch bottles throughout Europe. There are a lot of theories on why, but the most likely reasons have to do with durability, accessibility, and the often grotesque visage adorning these types of bottles.

Traditionally these bottles were made in Germany, have a reasonably distinctive shape, were salt glazed, and always had a bearded face upon them . Actual antique bellarmines from the early modern period often sell for between $1,000-$2,000.

The bellarmines available here are some of the absolute finest recreations we have come across. And I was thrilled to partner with this ceramics artist on them. Each one has been handmade and measures approximately 8-9inches. As each of these pieces is handcrafted, each one is unique. Each bottle will arrive empty and ready for you to craft it into a traditional witch bottle or to use however your craft leads you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the creation of witch bottles and traditional use of the bellarmine we recommend our class A Hidden Vessel


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