Xematiasma and Beyond: a Greek-American Folk Magic Perspective with Nick Dickenson

A part of the Voices of Folk Magic Series
This class will livestream via Zoom at 7pm Eastern on Sunday October 23rd 2022 and will be available as a video for viewing afterwards 

Everyone has heard of the evil-eye, and often bits of superstition and folklore associated with it. Ubiquitous in Greek communities throughout the world, the practice opens a doorway into widespread belief in the power of folk magic to influence the everyday lives of modern people, and grants some insight into its Ancient Greek roots.

In this class Nick will share his experience growing up in a Greek household where folk magic, prayer, and ritualized actions were performed daily. We will explore some of the myriad beliefs and practices of the Greek diaspora, in particular the Xematiasma lineage passed to him from his grandmother, and how these inform an approach to modern Greek witchcraft and folk-magic.

Nick Dickenson is a professional witch and witchcraft educator with over 35 years of experience working with clients and students in both public and private settings. Ordained and initiated in a variety of tantric yoga traditions (Mahayana Buddhism), and a teacher of yoga teachers and psychics, his classes and workshops are influenced by the intersection of classical yoga theory and modern witchcraft practice. Operating through a multidimensional animist lens with a focus on Greek folklore, Nick’s content welcomes all traditions at all levels and can be approached in a purely secular way.

Instagram: @urbanwizard
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