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The Witches' Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

The Witches' Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

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An indispensable resource for magical practitioners, this illustrated encyclopedia offers detailed profiles of all the herbs, houseplants, fruits, vegetables, trees, and flowers you could ever need.

This comprehensive reference guide is packed with familiar favorites, like apple and lemongrass, alongside lesser-known options, like moonwort and pignut. With hundreds of plants to choose from, you are sure to find the best botanical partners for raising healing energy, communing with your ancestors, increasing psychic abilities, manifesting your dreams, and more.

With the option to look up entries by name, magical use, zodiac sign, planetary association, or element, this book makes it easy to find the right plant for the job. The Witches' Encyclopedia of Magical Plants will support all your botanical needs along your unique spiritual path, making it an essential addition to your home library.

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