Black Arts Oil

Salem Conjure Co. Black Arts Oil is used in works or crossing, hexing, and cursing. Additionally it is a common addition to rituals designed for summoning and making pacts with spirits of a darker shade.

Sulfur, black pepper, and spanish moss are just a few of the items which make up this potent oil blend. This oil may be employed by dressing items the target is meant to touch, or for the dressing of photos and name papers of the subject. It may also be used to dress black candles inscribed with the target’s name and appropriate curses and psalms of malediction such as Psalm 2. For spirit workings and pacts it is appropriately suited for dressing black skull candles, sigil papers, and written pacts.

After the use of such items we HIGHLY suggest that some form of uncrossing work be performed on yourself afterwards. The use of items such as uncrossing oil, van van, and florida water is very much encouraged to remove any harmful attachments to the working and clear out the sometimes difficult emotional fallout from such works.

15ml glass bottle