Crossing Oil

Salem Conjure Co. Crossing Oil is designed for creating general discord and strife in the life of the target. This may be as little or severe as the worker’s desire and prudence dictates. It may be used to dress personal items of the target, photos, and name papers. A bit of the oil sprinkled upon their path or on their door knob along with prayers for their punishment is an effective manner of deployment.

Another popular use of this oil is to dress black figure candles or black skull candles into which the name of the victim has been carved. The candle may be placed upon a photo of the victim which has also been dressed with the oil and goofer dust. Beginning on a Saturday, the candle is lit each night from midnight until 12:30am while you focus your intentions upon what difficulties or malady you wish to befall them accompanied by prayer and curses. Appropriate psalms for this type of working are Psalms 7, 94, 99, and 110. Though you may wish to speak your own words of vengeance upon them. Once the candle has completely burned down all remaining wax and spell items should be taken to the cemetery and respectfully discarded.

After the use of such items we HIGHLY suggest that some form of uncrossing work be performed on yourself afterwards. The use of items such as uncrossing oil, van van, and florida water is very much encouraged to remove any harmful attachments to the working and clear out the sometimes difficult emotional fallout from such works.

15ml glass bottle