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Throwing the Bones: A Complete Course in Osteomancy (Kit Included)

Throwing the Bones: A Complete Course in Osteomancy (Kit Included)

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Online Course - Live-streamed - and Recorded
Course Begins Wednesday November 29th at 7pm Eastern

The process of using osteomancy, cleromancy, sortilege, or casting lots by using bones and other objects is an ancient practice which likely predates recorded history and is found in cultures throughout the world. In this in-depth 4 part course we will guide the student through an exploration of cleromancy which will lead them though the process of creating their own set of bones and system for the casting and reading of them.

In this course the student will:

- Examine a variety of cultural and historical examples of bone casting for divination

- Work on developing intuitive and spirit led divination practices

- Gain exposure to approaching bones, shell, roots, and curios from an animist perspective which honors and works with the various spirits which speak through the bone throwing set

- Learn tools for spirit communication and assistance whilst casting and reading the bones

- Explore ancestral practices to help guide and boost their development as a diviner

- Learn how to build, create, and edit a bone throwing practice which is uniquely their own and can evolve as their practice does.

In many ways throwing the bones is a practice based firstly in spirit contact and animism. With this in mind this course will address various methods for strengthening our communication and relationship with our ancestors and personal spirits as aids in this art. We will explore bone throwing through the lens of interpreting spirit speak and revelation.

Further we will explore a diversity of approaches for finding, gathering, collecting, blessing, honoring, communing with and "feeding"  the bones we might work with for readings. As well as spend time revealing how their spirits might speak to us in readings and how to care for our bones.

And as "bone" throwing is not limited to bones alone, we will explore the use of a variety of shells, stones, roots, seeds, and curios that we might work with when building and adding to or editing our bone throwing set. 

This method of bone throwing is based upon over a decade of personal experience as a professional cleromancer and is intended to aid the student in creating a system of divination which is personally relevant, intuitively guided, and most importantly, a highly effective form of divination. 

Class Scheduling

Classes will run between 90-120 min and will take place every other Wednesday on the following dates

Nov. 29th - Session 1 - Resurrecting the Bones: History and Beginnings

Dec. 13th - Session 2 - Tapping the Bones: Developing Spirit Work and Communication

Dec. 27th - Session 3 - Hallowing the Bones: Collecting, Crafting, and Communion 

Jan. 10th. - Session 4 - Throwing the Bones: The Casting and Reading of the Bones 

All classes are Livestreamed and Recorded for later viewing, and enrolled students will have access to class recordings for 3 months after the course's end so they may watch and re-watch classes at their leisure

Enrolled Students will have access to an online forum where they will be encouraged to share with each other and learn from each other both during the course and afterwards as they continue to develop their practice. 

Pricing options for this class
*Please note that those interested in a payment plan can choose ShopPay at checkout and pay in installments*

With Kit $250 - Available for the first 40 interested students this option will include a 13 piece bone and curio set as well as a divination mat for casting them upon. We will use this mat and set for many examples and exercises in the course. 

Without Kit $200 - Secondly you may choose to simply register for the class alone at a reduced price. (If you prefer this option please go HERE to register)

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