Van Van Oil

Salem Conjure Co. brand Van Van Oil is a traditional formula of five Asian grasses which is renown for clearing crossed conditions, killing jinxes, and for spiritual cleansing. Additionally Van Van Oil is said to bring good luck in matters of money and love. For this reason it is often used in prosperity, romance, gambling and business success spells.

Van Van is a staple in the Conjurer’s kit because of it’s versatility and its ability to replace bad luck with good. Its fresh citrus-like scent enlivens the environment and inspires positive change. It is used for anointing yourself, as well as dressing mojos, candles, and lucky talismans. It is also often added to spiritual baths and household cleansers to aid in spiritual cleansing, and used to dress the door frame and window sills of a home to invite good fortune in.

15ml Glass Bottle