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Spiritus Arcanum

9" Jumbo Candles

9" Jumbo Candles

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Excellent for ongoing workings, our jumbo spell candles are available in a variety of colors for multiple purposes and burn for approximately 20 hours.

Black for strong protection, banishing, boundaries and baneful works.
White for all general uses, peace, purity and blessing. 
Pink for works of love and romance, heart healing, friendship and self-care.
Red for works of love, lust, passion and power, energy and vitality.
Orange for works of confidence, communication, road opening and attraction. 
Yellow for good fortune, focus, fame, joy and happiness.
Green for working with money and prosperity, healing and stability.
Blue for protection, peace, mediation and tranquility. 
Violet for works of psychism, success, influence and astral travel. 
Brown for employment, animal healing and home matters. 

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