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Inner Traditions

Afro-Brazilian Numerology

Afro-Brazilian Numerology

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Afro-Brazilian Numerology
by Diego de Oxossi
Inner Traditions

Much like the celestial influences revealed by a natal astrology chart or the numerology of your birth date, African spiritual traditions believe that every person has specific personal energies ruling how we relate to each other and the way we foresee and achieve life goals. Called the birth Odus, these inner energies influence your choices and decisions throughout life, defining and differentiating you from everyone else--and revealing the best ways to maximize your potential and meet the challenges you face.

Offering a complete guide to discovering, interpreting, and working with your birth Odus, Diego de Oxóssi details step by step how to calculate your birth Odus and cast your full Orisha birth Chart. He explains the Afro-Brazilian concept of numerology and its relationship with the 16 Odus and their related Orishas, the deities of the Afro-Brazilian spiritual tradition. He explores how to determine the influences in the major and minor houses of your Orisha birth chart, including those related to personality and identity, career and success, relationships and love, and challenges and personal evolution.

Presenting case studies from his practice, the author offers detailed interpretations of each of the 16 birth Odus, showing how their energies manifest in an individual’s life. He looks at the positive and negative aspects of each Odu, including how the negative aspects represent the shadow forces that one has to overcome to succeed in life. He offers self- transformation techniques to help you improve the positive qualities of your chart while embracing, integrating, and neutralizing the negative energies and tendencies.

Revealing how to better know yourself and understand the spiritual dynamics behind your choices and behaviors, this guide shows you how to work with the energies of the Odus and the strength of the Orishas to improve your communication and relationship skills, overcome life’s challenges, and ensure success and happiness on your life’s path.
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