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Auroshikha Stick Incense

Auroshikha Stick Incense

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Considered one of the finest incenses from India, Auroshikha incense is all natural, carefully crafted from essential oils, barks, flowers and fragrant woods to create a fragrance that is true to nature. The result is an incense with the delicacy and beauty of the original plants themselves. 

We carry several varieties:

Natural Gum Benzoin Soothing and purifying, with a balsamic vanilla scent that aids in concentration, meditation, and consecrates the atmosphere of a room. 

Natural Gum Copal Uplifting and purifying, resinous with a minty undertone. It is excellent for purifying the atmosphere and clearing negative energies. 

Natural Gum Damar Cooling and uplifting, with a resinous, woody undertone that simultaneously calms and raises the spirits. 

Natural Frankincense Calming and rejuvenating, with a warm balsamic fragrance. Its scent is calming and head-clearing - the best incense during meditation.  

Sacred Myrrh and Frankincense Relaxing and rejuvenating, a resinous, musky myrrh with a slight vanillic sweetness. Its fragrance creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and is conducive to meditation. 

Natural Sandalwood Calming and conducive to mediation, this incense has an extremely soft, woody-balsamic scent of outstanding tenacity. One of the most precious woods, sandalwood promotes a sense of calm, confidence and well-being, and is a meditation incense par excellence.

Natural Siam Benzoin Relaxing and calming, this highly aromatic benzoin has a sweet, balsamic presence. 

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