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Spiritus Arcanum

Blood Moon Oil

Blood Moon Oil

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Blood Moon is a limited edition oil that was born on the Lunar Eclipse of May 2022. Since then it has been added to, built up, and received several consecrations in preparation for its final consecration and completion at height of the November 2022 Lunar Eclipse.

This oil was crafted in concert with a spirit I work with and know as the queen of poisons, the mother of wolves, of gnashing teeth, of first spilt blood, and talon of owl. She is also the mistress of shadows of that which is hidden and revealed. And eclipses are one of the times this aspect of hers is most pronounced.

Blood Moon is an oil of obfuscation, invisibility, and of midnight’s cloak. And is employed to be hidden from prying eyes, threatening gazes, and malicious machinations. It may be employed when we desire invisibility and to cloak our works that they may not easily be uncovered.

It also stands as an oil of the nocturnal eye, unveiling to the user that which is hidden and occult. Revelation through new perception.

It is an oil of the spilt blood. Of justified retribution and of dragging tyrants, abusers, and deceivers to the ground, revealing their actions, and poisoning their wells.

Lastly it is an oil of turning fortune and twisting favor. Of robbing from the stockpiles of the gluttonous and giving to those striving to be fed. In this regard it is not an assist to those who desire, but to those who need.

This oil includes a blend of essential oils as well as botanical, animal, and mineral materia including but not limited to: myrrh, anise, calamus, cypress, nagarmotha, opopanax, juniper, helichrysum, and birch tar. The mother bottle houses a heart of belladonna root, obsidian, bloodstone, garnet the bones of serpents, the teeth of wolves, and the feathers of nocturnal birds.

Each decanted bottle is 15ml and will include a serpent bone and garnet.

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