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Blueing Squares

Blueing Squares

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Bluing squares are blocks of blue anil dye, derived from the indigo plant, and commonly used as a laundry agent to make clothes whiter. Within folk magical practices they have found use as a less toxic alternative to the “bluestone” (copper sulfate) often called for in a variety of conjure formulas. It is not so much their mineralogical properties which they are utilized for as it is their lovely vivid blue coloring as blue is a color often associated with protection from the evil eye.

Bluing squares are added to conjure bags for attracting good luck, gaining power over the object of your affection, and most commonly, protection.

They may also be dissolved into a bowl of water along with a bit of Florida Water and left in the home near the front door or upon an altar for cleansing and protection. For the same purpose they are added to the wash bucket and used to scrub the floors or front steps of a business or dwelling.

With your purchase you will receive 2 individually wrapped bluing squares.

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