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Spiritus Arcanum

Bone Throwing Reading

Bone Throwing Reading

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*Available both in person and via phone/zoom*

Bone throwing is a form of cleromancy accomplished by the tossing of bones, shells, stones, and other objects upon a tray. The way in which the pieces fall and how they "speak" to one another determines the information conveyed in the reading.

As bone throwing often touches upon a diversity of areas, these readings can be an excellent choice for those seeking a general reading which provides a broad overview of life situations and suggestions for actionable work that may support our goals. 

This reading will be provided by Matthew Venus a folk magician, diviner, and witch with over 20 years of experience in providing readings for clients. In the process of the bone throwing Matthew will call upon his spirits and the ancestors to assist in the reading. He will then distill that which is revealed into clear, practical and actionable messages for the client. 

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