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Carrion Crow Bone

Carrion Crow Bone

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Crows are incredibly intelligent creatures. They have a complex system of language, they have an excellent memory, and they have even been known to craft tools. In many folktales and legends crows have a vast array of associations such as being associated with trickery, witchcraft, ancestral work, and necromancy.

These crow bones make an excellent talisman, altar piece, or devotional object. They are sourced from the Carrion Crow (Corvus corone), a species not native to the Americas and therefore they are legal to possess within the Americas.

These bones are the byproduct of crow hunting seasons which occur in rural areas of the U.K. in order to keep populations down and preserve agriculture. We feel it is only fitting that they not go to waste and instead find a home with those who will honor and exalt the spirit of the crow.

Associated Magics and Medicine
Communication and divination. Speaking with and conjuring the dead. Ingenuity, creativity, and crafting solutions to problems. Trickery, paradox, and both deceit and the revelation of deception. That all said, whenever working with animal spirits it is recommended that you develop your own understanding of their nature and virtues and the magic that can be worked with them.

You will receive one bone with your purchase.

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