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Spiritus Arcanum

Cat Candle Small (Version 2)

Cat Candle Small (Version 2)

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Candles in the shape of cats are burned for luck in various areas dependent upon their color.

Black cat candles are used in works to kill bad luck and in gambling spells, as well as to call upon the occult virtues and spirit of the black cat as a folkloric and esoteric symbol. Conversely, when dressed with an oil such as Crossing or Black Arts, they may be used to create bad luck or cross an individual. They may also be dressed with Command and Compel Oil, or Bend Over Oil and burned while reading the 21st Psalm and calling upon the spirit of the black cat to assist in dominating and controlling an adversary.

White cat candles are used in spells of uncrossing, general good luck, and cleansing.

Green cat candles are used for works of prosperity and bringing luck in money matters.

Red cat candles are used for creating luck in matters of love and lust.

To use, the candle should be carved with the name and birth date of the individual whom they are meant to represent. The bottom of the candle may also be carved out and items such as hair or personal effects from the individual they are meant to represent may be added. The candle is then dressed with an appropriate conjure oil while being prayed over and named for the person the work is being done for.

In almost all cases we recommend dressing our cat candles with our Black Cat Oil  which works as an all around uncrossing and lucky oil, particularly in gambling. Other appropriate oils might include Uncrossing Oil, Money Drawing OilFast LuckLove Drawing Oil, and Van Van Oil.

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