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Spiritus Arcanum

Cleopatra Oil

Cleopatra Oil

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Cleopatra Oil is used by either sex to inspire passionate love and reconciliation.

Our Cleopatra Oil is all-natural, hand blended and has a wonderful scent. It is said that its scent will allow you to attract, seduce and keep the object of your affection by driving them wild with desire. For this reason it is often used to create new romances, rejuvenate those which have gone stale, and reconcile with lovers who have gone astray.

Cleopatra Oil can be used to dress red or pink candles to create passion and love in your life. For these purposes we recommend our figure candles, marriage candles, and penis or vulva candles.

One relatively easy way of doing this is to carve your name and that of your lover onto a single red candle. Create a powdered mix of cinnamon, patchouli and rose petals. Dress the candle with Cleopatra Oil while praying for your lover and yourself to be happily united in passionate love. Then roll the candle towards you through the herbal mixture making sure to get the candle reasonably coated in the herbal powder.

Beginning on a Friday light the candle for eleven minutes the first day, seven minutes the next. This cycle should be accompanied with prayers and petitions for your desires to be fulfilled and should be repeated until they are. If any wax remains from your workings it can be wrapped up with a pair of your used underwear and a pair of his/hers tied together to keep the love faithful and keep the passion alive. This should be placed under the bed or between the mattresses and periodically dressed with a bit of Cleopatra Oil.

Salem Conjure Co. brand oils are hand blended from the finest natural botanicals and resins, blessed and empowered for ritual use, and never include fillers or synthetic fragrances. 

15 ml glass bottle

Though our oils are traditionally crafted, ritually blessed, and prayed over we always recommend that you add your own prayer, petitions, ritual, and magic to personalize and strengthen your work and the desired outcome.

Magic opens a door and lays a path. It is up to you to walk through that door and walk the path provided. In other words, you must not rely on magic alone, but also take the necessary actions in your life required towards manifesting the results you desire to see.

Our oils are not intended for consumption. They are created as curio items and presented for their folkloric and historic value.

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