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Conjure Codex 4

Conjure Codex 4

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Conjure Codex 4
ed. Jake Stratton-Kent, Dis Albion & Erzebet Barthold
Hadean Press

For this, the fourth issue of Conjure Codex, we asked authors to contemplate the occult symbolism and meaning of gold: from treasures to planetary attributions to alchemy and anything else they found relevant to mark the Summer Solstice. Conjure Codex is always themed around a colour and a season and our authors never disappoint. Our fourth issue boasts cover art by S. Aldarnay and interior artwork by Victoria Musson, JM Hamade, Mani C. Price, and Erzebet Barthold.


The Golden Guest by Jack Grayle

A Contemplation of GOLD  by Cath Thompson

Shadowmancy and PGM’s Rite of Helios  by Mani C. Price

The Δαίμων and the Treasure by Humberto Maggi

Treasures of the Grave: A Practical Guide for the Aspiring Necromancer by Gavin Fox

Michael Scot: The Life of a True Magician by Eldred Hieronymus Wormwood

The Picatrix Decan Art Project by J Swofford

Aztec Solar Magic: Blood and Gold by Erica Frevel

Treasure of Heart Essence: The Revelations of the Great Yogini Sera Khandro by Verónica Rivas

Gold Ripens as much by Moonlight as Sun by Victoria Musson

Guns of Brixton by Anthony Nine

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