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Bobcat Foot Bones

Bobcat Foot Bones

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The Bobcat is a creature often associated with hunting. With great focus and intent they stalk down that which will sustain them. Silently, swiftly, skillfully. They often leap skyward, and with their claws capture and draw groundward that which belongs in the heavens. They are climbers and may be seen as creatures which have the ability to ascend the world tree when that which they pursue demands it. Unlike many other cats they are also skilled swimmers. Their fur offers them a certain level of camouflage and the ability to go unnoticed until they choose to reveal themselves. 

Associated Magics and Medicine
Ascending into the heavens to bring blessings, lessons, and gifts to the earth. Hunting down that which nourishes us. Success in our pursuits. Blending into our surroundings, moving undetected, and invisibility. Claws tend to be a bit more about hunting, grasping, holding and fixing things into place. Foot bones may be associated with the movement and stealth of the bobcat. That said, whenever working with animal spirits it is recommended that you develop your own understanding of their nature and virtues and the magic that can be worked with them.

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