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Coyote Teeth

Coyote Teeth

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The coyote is a paradoxical creature. They are easily able to adapt to their surroundings and are commonly associated with cunning, trickery, and deception. In some folk tales and indigenous legends Coyote is a malevolent trickster who seeks the ruin of the world, while in other tales they are credited with being a friend to humankind, a creator spirit, and amongst other things, stealing fire and gifting it to humanity. They are equally viewed as a foolish buffoon, a cunning and wise creature, and an untrustworthy liar. 

Associated Magics and Medicine
Cunning in speech (teeth), movement (foot bones), and action (claws). Deception, trickery, but also creation and healing. Coyote may also be worked with to evade detection and capture from one’s enemies or the law. That all said, whenever working with animal spirits it is recommended that you develop your own understanding of their nature and virtues and the magic that can be worked with them.

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