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Dark Solis

Crone In Waiting Print

Crone In Waiting Print

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In folklore the Crone is a wise woman, whose knowledge expands outside of our realm and beyond. She symbolizes the Dark Goddess, the dark of the moon, the end of a cycle. She is the third aspect of the triple goddess, together with the Maiden and the Mother. She represents part of the circle of life, focusing on wisdom and the inevitable natural occurrence of death. Because of her representation of decay and death she comes into her form during Autumn and Winter.

Her knowledge, compassion and ability to heal helps guide others throughout transitions, hardships and difficult phases of life. 
8.5x11 Print

Dark Solis is Veronica Ferreira, an illustrator living in Massachusetts. Her creative influence is born from her lifelong interest in history, fantasy, occultism and mysticism. She strives to capture the nostalgia of a bygone era with a contemporary twist that is all her own.
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