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Spiritus Arcanum

Devil's Pods

Devil's Pods

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Devil pods are powerful protection amulets. Their spikes extend to the four cardinal directions to “pierce” those who would work against us in word or deed. They assist in reversing harmful magic, turning back unwelcome spirits, breaking the evil eye. They may be placed in a conjure bag, or drilled and strung like beads, and then dressed with a protection oil and hung above the door or in a vehicle. They are sometimes crafted into jewelry or carried as an amulet.

Their magical use is largely due to their appearance, looking to some like the face of a devil and to others a bat. Either way they have an undeniably diabolical appearance and can serve an apotropaic function similar to that of a gargoyle or the image of a gorgon’s head.

Conversely, they also serve as an excellent offering to chthonic and diabolical beings one may have working pacts with and may also be mindfully incorporated into their icons and spirit vessels.
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