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Dona Sebastiana: The Original Santa Muerte

Dona Sebastiana: The Original Santa Muerte

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The Venerable Dona Sebastiana de Caso: The Original Santa Muerte
by Fr. Robert Nixon, OSB
Hadean Press

The popular veneration of the figure of Santa Muerte in Mexico and elsewhere in the world is one of the most curious spiritual and cultural phenomena of our age. In recent times, a vast corpus of secondary literature treating the subject has emerged, yet the original figure on which Santa Muerte is based has remained garbed in mysterious shadows. In The Venerable Doña Sebastiana de Caso: the original Santa Muerte, Robert Nixon offers compelling evidence drawn from the Vida del la Beata Marianna of Jacinto Morán de Butrón to support Doña Sebastiana’s identity as the original figure of Santa Muerte, or Saint Death.
12 pgs. 

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