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Salem Conjure Co.

All-Natural Florida Water

All-Natural Florida Water

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Unlike the classic version of Florida Water which is made using synthetic fragrances; Salem Conjure Co. Florida Water is handcrafted in house with all natural essential oils, prayed over, and blessed. Though this leads to it being a bit more of an investment, our customers and clients over the years agree that it is much more effective and pleasing to the senses. This is one of those items that we consistently sell out of whenever we bring it to vending events.

Florida water is a classic and fresh scented Eau de Cologne which can be worn by both men and women. It includes citrus notes such as lemon and bergamot as well hints of clove and florals like lavender. It was introduced in 1808 and has, like many other early colognes, been adopted into various spiritual traditions. The name refers to the fabled Fountain of Youth, which was said to be located in Florida, as well as the floral nature of the scent.

Most commonly Florida Water is used for spiritual cleansing and spirit offerings.

Some uses include:

*Adding a bit of Florida Water to a glass of water or holy water which you have also dissolved some bluing into. Together this helps create a powerhouse of spiritual cleansing and protection against the evil eye. This can be placed upon an altar or somewhere central in the home and should be poured out and renewed each week. For added effect it is recommended that you float a square of camphor on the water for further cleansing and protection.

*Florida Water may be added to spiritual baths for cleansing oneself of negativity, evil eye, and crossed conditions.

*A bit of Florida Water splashed onto the hands to cleanse them before doing spiritual work or between doing tarot readings or other kinds of divination is a quick way to prepare yourself for the work.

*A small bowl or glass placed near the front and back doors invites good spirits and works to help neutralize harmful energies from entering the home.

*A bit of Florida Water added to the mop bucket helps to spiritually cleanse the home. The same thing can be done and used to wipe down altars or any ritual objects that you’d like to cleanse before using them.

*To cleanse candles before dressing them for spell work, splash a bit of Florida Water on a cloth and wipe down the candle. Allow the candle to dry before dressing with oil and herbs.

*Add some Florida Water to a glass of water and leave it as an offering for the ancestors or the spirits which look after your home.

One 5 oz. glass bottle. 

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