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Spiritus Arcanum

Foundations of Folk Magic

Foundations of Folk Magic

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Foundations of Folk Magic is a 13 month course in Modern Conjure which has been designed to:
-Give students instruction and demonstration on practical, hands-on, and effective forms of Folk Magic and Conjure.
-Inspire and empower students towards developing a practical, personally relevant, and ancestrally aligned modern folk magical practice.
-Couple our firsthand experience along with historical resources in order to illuminate and demonstrate the role, importance, methodologies, and transmission of folk magical practices throughout various cultures, time periods, and locales. 

At its core ‘Folk Magic’ references practical and effective forms of magic which are culturally relevant and often draw upon easily accessible materials and common household objects in order to achieve miraculous results. This is the magic of everyday needs, desires, and survival which has been employed by common folks and magical specialists alike throughout history.

Far from being relics frozen in time, folk magical traditions adapt and persist in response to the changing needs of both individuals and the larger community. Many of these practices are still alive, still relevant, and still evolving in the current era.

In this course, informed by firsthand experience within conjuring traditions and extensive historical research we seek to explore what folk magic looks like to the modern practitioner. And further, to empower students with practical knowledge and hands on demonstrations to assist them in crafting a practice which is personally meaningful, ancestrally aligned, and magically effective.

Sessions of this course are scheduled to be held the Second Sunday of each month at 7pm Eastern via ZoomAll classes will be recorded and made available for students to watch afterwards. So no worries if you are unable to make the live classes you’ll have plenty of time to watch the class videos at your leisure. 

Classes in this course will explore the following topics:

Session 1 – The Origins of ConjureIntroduction, Definitions, and History. The role of Folk Magic in the modern world. 

Session 2 – Building Ancestral Practices. Working with Spirits and Saints.

Session 3 – Books of Magic and Methods of Divination

Session 4 –  Herbs, Charms, and Cures

Session 5 – Crossroad and Graveyard Work. Dirts, Powders, and Foot Track Work

Session 6 – Incense, Oils, and Perfumes

Session 7 – Psalms, Name Papers, and Magical Seals

Session 8 – The Evil Eye, Protection, Court Case and Justice work

Session 9 –Witchcraft, Crossing and Cursing

Session 10 – Effigies, Poppets, Doll Babies, and Image Magic

Session 11 – Candle and Lamp Magic

Session 12 – Charm Bags, Packets, and Mojo Hands

Session 13 – Magic for Money and Love

This course will also provide:
– a Facebook forum for students to learn, engage, and share.
– Suggested homework and reading materials for expanding their knowledge and experiences.
– Optional quizzes for students to complete in order to receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course

Payment Options:
There are three payment options available for students

Single Payment – You can pay in full up front and save $25-30 by purchasing the course here on the website

Two Payments – Sign up for 2 monthly payments of $187.50 billed through PayPal by clicking HERE

Four Payments – Sign up for 4 monthly payments of $95 billed through PayPal by clicking HERE

*We are also offering a limited number of scholarships to students who might otherwise not be able to attend the course but have an earnest desire to engage and learn from the materials with an increased consideration given to BIPOC applicants. Details about the scholarship and an application can be found HERE*

Cultural Preservation: In an effort to preserve cultural heritage and support communities which have been keepers of, and contributors to the rich tapestry of American folk magical traditions, 10% of all profits from this course will be split three ways and donated to the following organizations:
African American Heritage Preservation Foundation
Massachusetts Center for Native American Awareness

Since its last run in 2019-2020 this course has been reformatted with additional materials and a somewhat broader scope. Though the breadth of what might be called folk magic inarguably spans countries and continents, the historical focus of Foundations of Folk Magic is primarily centered upon the conjure and folk magical traditions of the United States, particularly those traditions from the Eastern to the Midwest regions of the country, as well as our personal experiences and study within them.

That said, this course is designed for the contemporary practitioner living within, and adapting to the modern world. Focus will also be placed upon ways of applying practical magic to everyday life, as well as enriching our personal practice through the research and incorporation of ancestrally relevant and/or regional folk traditions.

I’m also very happy to announce that this course will now feature an additional teacher. As my former TA for the course, fellow folk magician Devin McElderry joins me to present expanded materials and add his perspectives.

About the Presenters:

Matthew Venus Matthew is an artist, folk magician, and witch. He is the owner of Spiritus Arcanum and has been a student and practitioner of the magical arts for 30 years. Over that period he has been teaching on various magical subjects throughout the country publicly, privately, and online for over two decades. With an animist approach towards spirit work and ancestral veneration at its center, his personal practice revolves primarily around folkloric witchcraft and the folk magical, herbal, and conjure traditions of America and the British Isles.

Devin McElderry Raised on a family farm in rural Arkansas, Devin is an herbalist and amateur folklorist. Descended from a lineage of Appalachian coal miners, moonshiners, preachers, and granny women, Devin has devoted the past 17 years to preserving the folk customs, spiritual practices, and healing modalities of Appalachia, the Ozarks, and the cultures that inform their traditions.

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