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High John Root

High John Root

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Named after an African American folk hero who was known for his cunning, power, and good fortune, High John the Conqueror is one of the most famed and commonly utilized roots in American folk magic. It was once employed by the Iroquois to give a man great strength and was introduced into African American Hoodoo through the trading of information between enslaved Africans and Native Americans.

High John is the root of the Ipomea jalapa plant and a relative to both the morning glory and bindweed. The roots are often wrinkled in appearance and have a musky, tobacco-like scent. They are generally round in shape, or long and pointed.

High John is highly prized as a magical curio and is most commonly considered a man’s root. It is often carried by men who will dress it with All High Conquering Oil or another appropriate empowering oil such as Van Van. When prepared and carried in this way it is believed to increase a man’s nature, personal power, luck and virility.

However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t used by women as well.

The root may be dressed with Money Drawing Oil and wrapped with paper money and carried or placed in a conjure bag to increase prosperity.

A highly versatile root, High John makes an excellent addition to a wide variety of spell workings and mojos.

A simple technique for dressing the root is to choose an oil aligned with your purpose, pour some into your hands and use it to dress the root by rubbing it all over with the oil.

As you do this you should speak your desires aloud, pray over the root, speak to it and call upon its indwelling spirit along with any other spirits, ancestors, saints, or deities that you feel are appropriate to aid you in blessing the root and aligning it towards its purpose.

It may then be kept upon an altar, or carried as a pocket piece or in a mojo and regularly dressed with oil to keep it working towards its goal.

Some dressing oils commonly paired with High John are:

All High Conquering – Personal Power and Influence

Van Van – General Good Luck

Money Drawing – Increased Wealth

Black Cat – Gambling Luck

Command and Compel – For Increasing Influence Upon Others

Crown of Success – For Creating Success in Any Endeavor

You will recieve 1 High John Root with your purchase.

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