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Spiritus Arcanum

Imp's Milk

Imp's Milk

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A call to, and a feast laid before the witch's attendant spirits.
Imp's Milk is an oil of drawing, offering and fortification. Crafted to give strength to familiars of various classes and to call them to dwell with the witch. 

A blend infused with tobacco, dittany of Crete, the powders of honey and milk, and blended with extract of butter, tonka absolute, benzoin, kananga, birch and others. The result is one which is creamy, vanillic, and slightly floral. 

It may be used to dress, bless and prepare vessels of offering. In this it is best to trace a circle with an equal armed cross upon the offertory plate or within the offering bowl before the greater portion of the feast is given. It may be worked an addition to offertory candles, wherein it both draws and fortifies the spirits which come forth. It may further be applied to sigils and petitions, or directly onto the bodies of fetishes, spirit houses and vessels, both in preparation for housing, and for the regular fortification of, the spirits inclined towards its nature. 

For external use only. Not intended for human consumption. 

This limited run oil has been in the making for some time and will be available starting April 30th as part of the Walpurgisnacht event.
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