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Job's Tears

Job's Tears

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Once known more commonly as Juno’s Tears, these lovely gray seeds are the product of an East Indian Grass. They have been used in the making of jewelry and rosaries. The later name Job’s Tears ties them to the biblical figure Job, as well as his suffering, and faith. Job’s tears are commonly worked with in spells to bring about wishes and luck.

A very well-known working is to take 7 Job’s Tears and make a wish upon them. The seeds are carried in the pocket or a conjure bag for 7 days. Once a day they are held in the hand and the wish is prayed for over them. On the 7th day you go to a river or stream, pray your wish upon the seeds and toss them over your left shoulder into the water without looking back. You are then to return home without looking back and it is said that your wish will be granted within 7 days.

Job’s tears may be made into a charm for luck, particularly in gambling by placing 7 of them into a conjure bag along with a mercury dime and a high john root. You may wish to add other items like Lucky Hand Root, Lucky Red Beans, or a Cross of Caravaca to this to further boost it. This is then dressed with Black Cat or VanVan oil  and carried in the left side pocket for men, or the bra for a woman and fed regularly with Hoyt’s Cologne.

In some North American folk practices they are strung into a necklace or carried in a conjure bag around the neck to aid with a sore throat or diseases of the mouth and throat. They may also be worked this way for more general healing purposes but should always be disposed of, ideally in a stream or river, after the illness has subsided.

You will receive 7 Job's tears.
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