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Spiritus Arcanum

Keys to the Necropolis

Keys to the Necropolis

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Keys to the Necropolis: Graveyard Work and Necromancy in Magic
with Matthew Venus

This class presents an introduction to ancestral work, the magic of the graveyard, working with the dead, and relics associated with death that are common in American folk magic. We will discuss creating an ancestral practice, the cultural and magical relevance of the graveyard, as well as appropriate practices for both safely and respectfully working there. Further, we will discuss types of spellwork performed in graveyards, materials often gathered or left there, and how to effectively work with the spirits encountered in the city of the dead.

This class was previously live streamed and recorded.

Once you purchase the class you will receive a pdf file with a link to the video of the class and the password to access it. 

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