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Spiritus Arcanum

Licorice Sticks

Licorice Sticks

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Licorice is worked with in spells of influence, commanding, compelling, and domination. It may be worked in a sweet suggestive form, or a more forceful approach. Due to its sweet flavor it may be utilized in works to sweeten the disposition of another towards you. Conversely it has been an addition to works of love drawing for calling a lover and keeping them faithful. 

We suggest using a licorice stick by writing out a petition paper with what it is you desire, you may also wish to include a picture of the person whom you wish to influence. The licorice stick, the photo and petition may then be dressed with an appropriate oil such as Command & Compel, Bend Over, All High Conquering, Follow Me Boy, or Love Drawing. The petition and photo are then wrapped around the licorice stick and can be bound to it with string. Red is an excellent choice for this. It should then be prayed over and either carried secretly on your person, or depending upon the working, it may be placed between the mattresses of your bed, kept in a desk at work, or other purposeful place. 

We also stock cut licorice root for use in conjure bags, oils and infusions, etc. 

You will receive one approx. 6" licorice stick.  

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