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Little John Root

Little John Root

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Variously known as Chewing John, Little John, and Court Case Root, Galangal (Alpinia galanga) is often used in works of uncrossing, luck, and money. However, one of its most popular uses is in works involving the legal system and courts. In these cases the root is often chewed and the resultant juice discreetly spit out while in court if possible.

Another option is to make a mojo with the root. Best done on a Thursday, the root is dressed with an oil such as All High Conquering or Crown of Success. Then write upon a paper the names of the legal opponent, lawyers, and judge. You should then write your name on top of theirs so that it is covering their name. The paper is then dressed with All High Conquering Oil and both the root and paper are placed into a conjure bag. The charm should then be passed through Crown of Success Incense while praying (Psalms 4, 43, 97, and 147 are appropriate here) to further feed and empower it. This is then carried while the case is going on and whenever in court.

Little John may also be made into an incense by crushing it and blending it with frankincense resin and burning both upon charcoals. This smoke can then be used to cense any important legal documents, or yourself before going into court.

We also stock cut & sifted galangal root for cases where a whole root is not preferred. 

You will receive one root with purchase.

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