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Spiritus Arcanum

Loadable Skull Box Candle

Loadable Skull Box Candle

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These large skull candles have an open cavity and a lid which allows for loading the candles with personal concerns/taglocks, herbs, oils, petition papers, powders, dirts, or whatever else your working requires.

Skull candles are used when working upon the head of oneself or another. These types of work often deal with the mentality, thought processes, mental health, psychology, and the spirit of a person. They may also be employed for working with the dead and the ancestors. The type of work done with them is often informed by the color of the candle.

White skulls are used for uncrossing, healing, spiritual focus, seeking mental clarity, and removing mental blockages. Within certain traditions they may also be used as an offering for honoring and calling upon spiritual ancestors and the Mighty Dead. Oils that complement such works include Uncrossing Oil, Ancestor Oil or Necros Oil

Black skulls are used in works of hexing, crossing, and cursing, as well as for reversing harm. They may be used for causing confusion, strife, mental imbalances, delusions, and illness, or dressed with Reversing Oil to turn back work being done against you. Within certain traditions they may also be used as an offering for honoring and calling upon wandering shades and the Blasted Dead.

To use, the candle should be carved or have a petition paper added with the name and birth date of the individual whom it is meant to represent. Items such as hair and personal effects from the individual it is meant to represent may be added, or in other cases certain dusts and graveyard dirt may be added. The candle is then dressed with an appropriate conjure oil while being prayed over and named for the person the work is being done for.

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