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BJ Swain



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Luminarium | A Grimoire of Cunning Conjuration
by BJ Swain

A streamlined, practice-focused text on conjuration. This is a 0 to 60mph, level up your work, hit the ground running approach to spirit conjuration. The core idea is using magical approaches to facilitate and improve your access to magic. This text combines elements of the Greek Magical Papyri, the Hygromanteia, the Heptameron and Orphism to create a more holistic approach to conjuring angels and aerial spirits. You can use these spirits for either knowledge or practical purposes. The method is easily adapted to demons. With this text you will gain the benefits of traditional ancient magical sources and the ease of contemporary spirit relationship approaches to magic. To prepare you, the text draws on Hoodoo, Catholicism, Buddhism, Greek Orthodoxy, Hinduism, and Zen to build an array of spiritual and magical practices from which to choose so you can simulate the benefits of long term spiritual preparations and development.

With Luminarium someone who’s never done magic can begin conjuring spirits in under two weeks, maybe just a few days. You probably already have most of the tools you’ll need because this magic is based on magic from 1500 years ago, not complicated High Church rituals. Combine that with a hefty exploration of spells drawn on the Psalms, Solomonic Pentacles, Abramelin Squares, and folk magical tools and methods and you have Luminarium. This system has been tested by a handful of magical practitioners and their experiences are included in the text to help you explore it more easily.

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