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Spiritus Arcanum

Master Key Talisman

Master Key Talisman

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Traditionally a master key was used to access all doorways in a large manor, castle, or residence. Similarly, the Master Key Talisman is a magically empowered tool which has been created to access realms of magical power and grant both mastery and influence. It may be worked for opening doorways to protection, healing, spirit communication, psychic ability, good fortune, and prosperity. Conversely it may be worked for closing doorways against danger and misfortune. By extension, the Master Key may also be worked for opening and closing the doorways of others and for granting and denying access to the realms with which the key is aligned.  

These unassuming antique skeleton keys have undergone multiple weeks worth of cleansing, blessings, and consecrations. They have been presented before a variety of spirits who stand as guardians of thresholds. They have been fed, suffumigated with our Master Key Incense, and dressed with our Master Key Oil. They have been presented to the entry of a massive graveyard, an ancient church, a well-respected hospital, a police station, a busy market/bank, a historical courthouse, and a beautiful lush garden. In practice this translates to this talisman having access to and influence over the dead, spiritual abilities, healing/illness, protection of or against the law, commerce and money, justice or injustice, and beauty, bounty, and prosperity.  
Each key will come with our Master Key Incense and the Master Key Oil, as well as a pdf booklet which gives clear instruction on how to work with the key as a personal talisman, how to dedicate it to liminal spirits aligned with your path, how to use it for divination, and how it might function as an incredibly powerful and versatile magical tool. And perhaps most importantly. It gives instruction on how the key may be presented and impacted to doorways you may encounter in order to ally with the guardians of those realms and influence and mastery in those areas. For instance, presenting it to the spirits of a library door in order to gain increased knowledge and assistance in academic pursuits. 

You will receive one Master Key talisman, the incense, the oil, the guidebook, a cloth pouch for keeping it, and a length of antiqued leather cord so that you may wear the key if you desire. 

Only 25 Available 

*This is a preorder item. Please note that these talismans will not ship until after Sept. 7th*

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