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Mercury Dime

Mercury Dime

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The Mercury dime gets its name because the figure depicted on it has commonly been mistaken for Mercury. In truth the image is meant to depict Liberty wearing a winged helmet, however this doesn’t detract from the many Mercurial ways in which these coins are employed in magic.

In the hoodoo and conjure traditions Mercury dimes are used in a variety ways. They are firstly a form of protective magic wherein a hole is drilled through the dime and it is worn on a string around the ankle where it is believed to absorb any harmful magic or tricks laid down for the bearer and turn black if exposed to a hex or jinx. This makes practical sense, as oftentimes crossing powders such as Goofer Dust and Hot Foot Powder contain sulfur which can oxidize the silver in the dime and turn it black. The dimes may also be dressed with oils and carried in protective conjure bags for this purpose as well.

Mercury dimes are also carried alone or in a conjure bag for good luck. They may be dressed with Money Drawing Oil, or Fast Luck Oil for this purpose. When doing works for luck and money, Mercury Dimes minted in a leap year are said to be extremely lucky due to their rarity. For this reason we offer a choice of standard dimes and leap year dimes.

Additionally, Mercury Dimes are a very common form of payment left when purchasing graveyard dirt. Some practitioners will take a scoop of dirt from the head area, heart area, and foot area of a grave and leave a mercury dime in each hole as proper and respectful payment to the spirit of the grave. Given Mercury’s role in mythology as a shepherd of the dead, it makes logical sense that the “Mercury” dime would be a proper form of currency for those who’ve passed on.

You will receive 1 Mercury Dime.

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