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Spiritus Arcanum

Money Drawing Oil

Money Drawing Oil

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Need some extra help filling your pockets? Need to bring prosperity and fortune into your life? Then Salem Conjure Co. Money Drawing Oil is the way to go!

Our woody, spicy and delicious smelling drawing oil is made with natural essential oils and traditional money drawing herbs such as bayberry and sassafras, as well as crushed pyrite (fool’s gold) and real shredded money! It is designed to open the doors to a flow of prosperity, opportunity and financial increase.

Our Money Drawing Oil can be used for dressing green candles which are burned on Thursdays and Sundays to invite prosperity into your life. This is usually accompanied by prayers such as the 119th Psalm (verses 17-24), or something more personal and from the heart.

You may also wish to write out a petition which states what it is you desire in green pen or pencil on a piece of paper. Next use our Money Drawing Oil for dressing the four corners of the paper. Then pass the paper through the smoke of our Money Drawing Incense. The paper may then be placed under a green figure candle or cat candle which has been dressed with Money Drawing Oil. The candle is then lit and burned while you focus upon your needs and pray for the prosperity you desire. Once the candle has completely burned down the petition paper is folded towards you into a small packet and carried in your purse or wallet. Any wax or ash remnants can be buried by the front door of your home or business.

Our Money Drawing Oil may also be used for dressing the door frame of your home or business, as well as dressing money drawing curios, conjure bags or your spending money.

Another simple method of using the oil is to put a few drops on a cotton ball and carry it with you in your wallet or purse to welcome in wealth, draw in the dollar, and call upon the coin!

Here is an actual letter we got from a customer who used our oil and received a pay raise the very next day.

“I just wanted to say how much I love the Money Drawing Oil right now. I believe it really gave the extra oomph needed to work out what I wanted. The effect was almost instantaneous and unexpected. I will highly recommend this product to anyone looking for that extra help in drawing some money and/or prosperity their way. Thank you Spiritus Arcanum!”

– Brandon B

Salem Conjure Co. brand oils are hand blended from the finest natural botanicals and resins, blessed and empowered for ritual use, and never include fillers or synthetic fragrances. 

15 ml glass bottle

Though our oils are traditionally crafted, ritually blessed, and prayed over we always recommend that you add your own prayer, petitions, ritual, and magic to personalize and strengthen your work and the desired outcome.

Magic opens a door and lays a path. It is up to you to walk through that door and walk the path provided. In other words, you must not rely on magic alone, but also take the necessary actions in your life required towards manifesting the results you desire to see.

Our oils are not intended for consumption. They are created as curio items and presented for their folkloric and historic value.

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