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Myrrh Incense Resin (Commiphora sp.) 1 oz.

Planetary Association  Mars

Elemental Attribution  Water

Scent – Somber, dark and bitter

Myrrh is a richly nuanced incense which embraces multiple magical potencies. This "bitter perfume" was one of the most treasured resins of the ancient world and has a history dating back to Egypt as a funerary, embalming and mourning resin. The thorny nature of the myrrh tree and the common description of the dried beads of resin that form on the bark as "myrrh tears," as well as its foreboding presence among the royal gifts that the magi brought to the Christ-child, add to its history as a solemn fragrance of sorrow, mourning and healing. 

Myrrh is also an appropriate incense for works of high ritual, exorcism, and consecration. The resin's associations with the underworld make it a powerful ally for working with the dead and engaging with the dark, chthonic feminine energies of the Moon and Saturn. Additionally, due to its Martial nature it may be used for powerful attack or defense in times of magical warfare. 

All of our resin incenses may be used to make more complex incense blends, or burned alone. They should be burned upon charcoal discs.

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