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Spiritus Arcanum

Reversing Oil

Reversing Oil

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Salem Conjure Co. Reversing Oil is a formula designed to reverse a situation, just as its name implies. Most commonly this takes the form of reversing bad fortune, or turning back a crossed condition or hex upon the source. That said, Reversing Oil may also be used in spells of reconciliation where one wishes to bring a lover back, or to mend friendships after a quarrel.

Our Reversing Oil may be used to dress red and black candles. Black for taking off the bad luck and sending it back to the source, and red for bringing good fortune and luck back while building up one’s personal power again. The oil may also be used for dressing papers, photos, conjure bags, amulets, and other items, as well as for spiritual baths and anointing oneself.

An effective way to utilize our oil is to obtain a photo, some hair, and/or the name of the person whom has been working against you. If you do not know the person, simply write “my enemy” or “The one causing me harm” upon a piece of paper. Dress the photo, paper, and/or hair with the oil, then sandwich it between two mirrors facing each other. Wrap this in black cloth, dress it with more oil, and then place a heat proof plate on top and burn a black candle dressed with Reversing Oil on it for four nights, one candle for each night. Then burn a red candle which has been dressed with the oil on top of the plate for five more nights, accompanied by prayers of protection and petitions that your bad luck be reversed. At the end of the nine days take all remnants to a crossroads outside of your town and dispose of them there without breaking the mirrors, and without looking back.

Salem Conjure Co. brand oils are hand blended from the finest natural botanicals and resins, blessed and empowered for ritual use, and never include fillers or synthetic fragrances. 

15 ml glass bottle

Though our oils are traditionally crafted, ritually blessed, and prayed over we always recommend that you add your own prayer, petitions, ritual, and magic to personalize and strengthen your work and the desired outcome.

Magic opens a door and lays a path. It is up to you to walk through that door and walk the path provided. In other words, you must not rely on magic alone, but also take the necessary actions in your life required towards manifesting the results you desire to see.

Our oils are not intended for consumption. They are created as curio items and presented for their folkloric and historic value.

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