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Spiritus Arcanum

Reversing Skull Candle w/ Mirrors

Reversing Skull Candle w/ Mirrors

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Skull candles are used when working upon the head of oneself or another. These types of work often deal with the mentality, thought processes, mental health, psychology, and the spirit of a person. They may also be employed for working with the dead and the ancestors. The type of work done with them is often informed by the color of the candle.

Reversing candles are used to reverse a situation, just as its name implies. Most commonly this takes the form of reversing bad fortune, illness, or turning back a crossed condition or hex upon the source. That said, Reversing Oil may also be used in spells of reconciliation where one wishes to bring a lover back, change someone's mind, or to mend friendships after a quarrel. We recommend dressing the candle with our Reversing Oil for maximum efficacy.  

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