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Spiritus Arcanum

Santa Muerte 7 Day Candles

Santa Muerte 7 Day Candles

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Santa Muerte 7 day candles may be used as devotional lights in a shrine to the saint of Death, or used in workings with her three aspects, the White, the Black and the Red. Any of the candles may be anointed with our Santa Muerte Oil.

The White Santa Muerte, la Niña Blanca, may be called upon for all general workings with Santa Muerte, as well as works of blessing, purity, cleansing or health.

The Black Santa Muerte and the associated candle are used in works of crossing, cursing and revenge, as well as in protection from such spells.

The Red Santa Muerte is called upon in spells of love, binding and sexual control.

Finally, the rainbow Santa Muerte candle, known as siete potencias, seven powers, calls upon all of the saint’s facets of power, and may be used instead of multiple single-color candles.
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