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Santa Muerte 6" Statues

Santa Muerte 6" Statues

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Our 6" Santa Muerte resin statues are made in Mexico and charged with herbs, amulets and other materia. Appearance and exact height may vary slightly. 


The White Santa Muerte, la Niña Blanca, is commonly called upon for all general workings with Santa Muerte, as well as works of blessing, purity, cleansing or health.

The Black Santa Muerte and the associated candle are commonly used in works of crossing, cursing, binding, and revenge, as well as in works of powerful protection from such spells.

The Red Santa Muerte is commonly called upon in spells of love and romance, attraction, beauty.

The Gold Santa Muerte is commonly worked with in spells for money, good fortune and prosperity. 

The Seven Colored Siete Potencias Santa Muerte statue calls upon all the standard working colors of Santa Muerte, making it a versatile statue for any and all workings with the Saint of Death.

The Purple Santa Muerte is called upon for works of psychic development, magical development, witchcraft, healing and dreamwork. 

Bone, or natural, Santa Muerte statues are commonly worked with in ancestral and death workings, and also called upon for healing.

Black and Red Santa Muerte statues depict her wearing a red cloak over a black robe, and are used for powerful reversal magic, with the red and black reflecting her twin powers of protection and domination. With the representation of white bone and the black and red robes this statue may also be worked with to represent the White, Red, and Black robes of La Muerte combined.

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