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Spiritus Arcanum

Satyr Oil

Satyr Oil

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An oil of temptation and allure we are proud to present our own take on Satyr Oil. A blend of botanical musks and aphrodisiacs which ignite the senses and stir the flames of passion.

A call to the satyr as icon of carnal desire and uninhibited sensual delight. Imbuing its essence unto this formula, infusing it with a drive towards erotic passions, and the feral power of the wildwood.

With its enticing and musky aroma, redolent of ancient forests and primal beasts, Satyr Oil is crafted to heighten attraction, and amorous receptivity, and to awaken the sleeping desires and sexual fire within those who wear it and those whom come into contact with it. An oil to be shared amongst lover and beloved. Satyr Oil invites us to unleash a torrent of wild, unbridled desire. Kindling the flames of lust and passion, and drawing up the primal instincts of the inner beast to delight in both the joy and ecstasy of the flesh.

A complex blend of essential oils including vetiver, oud, patchouli, labdanum, black pepper, sandalwood, rockrose, liquidambar, cedarwood, and more. Satyr Oil is best worn upon the skin of one or more partners when attraction, seduction, and sensual communion is desired. It may also be worked by dressing red candles or figure candles such as our male and female torsos to bring forth willing partners for erotic and ecstatic encounters. 


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