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Spiritus Arcanum

Single Colored 7 Day Candles

Single Colored 7 Day Candles

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Our 7 day or vigil candles are designed for extended magical or devotional workings across multiple sessions. Choose a color related to the power or situation you are working with, and dress the candle with magical oils and herbs appropriate to the working. 

Black - Strong protection, banishing, boundaries
Blue - Protection, peace, meditation, tranquility
Brown - Employment, animal healing, home matters
Gold - abundance, prosperity, positivity
Green - Prosperity, healing, stability, financial matters
Orange - confidence, communication, road opening, attraction
Pink - love, friendship, heart healing, self care
Purple - psychism, success, influence
Red - energy, vitality, passion, power, lust
White - purity, cleansing, peace
Yellow - fortune, focus, fame, joy, happiness

Use common sense and never leave a burning candle unattended.
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