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Spiritus Arcanum

Spiritual Cleansing: For Yourself & Your Home

Spiritual Cleansing: For Yourself & Your Home

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Spiritual Cleansing: For Yourself & Your Home
with Matthew Venus

Clear away that which does not serve you, cleanse your home of spiritual clutter, and remove unhealthy spiritual attachments. Join Folk Magician & Spiritual Worker Matthew Venus as we explore a variety of techniques for spiritually cleansing ourselves and our homes.

In this workshop, well examine various themes on spiritual hygiene as well as practical steps we can use to achieve and maintain it. We’ll discuss energetic and meditative techniques as well as spiritual baths and floor washes; cleansing with smoke, cleansing with eggs, sweeping of the energy body and much more. This class is designed to empower you with an arsenal of practical techniques which will allow you to clear away harmful and stagnant energies, cut unhealthy emotional and spiritual attachments, cast off the evil eye, and counteract crossed conditions and harmful magics.

This class was previously live streamed and recorded.

Once you purchase the class you will receive a pdf file with a link to the video of the class and the password to access it. This video will be available for you to watch until November 30th

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